Al-Qasemi High School

Al-Qasemi High School is a prestigious, co-education high school that started in the year 2007. It is funded by the Association of the Followers of Husni Al-Qasemi that sponsors a number of outstanding educational projects.

The school promotes academic excellence, good manners and encourages students to develop strong personal qualities and believes that education is a long life experience that should be enriching yet enjoyable. The school has recruited some of the best teachers in order to accomplish the goals it has established. Most of the services offered by the school are computerized as the school promotes online learning through highly developed software which has been tailored to the needs of students and teachers. Extracurricular activities that stimulate intellectual thinking are offered in a variety of areas including math, creative writing, critical reading and sports to help the students realize their potential across a broad spectrum.

Basic info:

The school is situated in attractive surroundings in Baqa Al-Gharbiyyah, Israel. The students are admitted to school following a stringent acceptance process that includes among other things, individual interviews. This year, the school has 9, 10 and 11 grade students and next year it will admit 12 graders as well. There are 326 students divided equally between the two sexes. The population of students is becoming more diversified as increasing numbers come from far localities to attend the school.

Contact Us:
Phone: 046286909
Fax: 046386615
Address: Baqa-El-Gharbia, Israel, 3010000, Box:62